With 30 years of experience in the fields of Retail such as POS advertising, furniture manufacturing, interior decoration and general contractor in luxury business, our CEO and Founder, through his curriculum, and thanks to his global vision, brings together within GAM7 all the knowledge necessary to study, design, adapt and realize your customized project.
    Gam7 is dedicated to the development of all your worlds, all your professional spaces, from multi-site retail shop to office fit-outs and this until it becomes yours and you start your business in it.

  • Imagine…

    We submerge ourselves in your world, we impregnate your corporate identity, your specifications, we solve your problems and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of your world.

    We create together the perspective of the best space for your brand.

  • Coordinate

    This is the basis of our business … It’s essential for us to proceed with our customers from the design to the operation of their business spaces by working together with the same objectives. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team, from the design office with our architect and interior designer, our work department, our administrative services, all of them move forward with a common duty to anticipate and finalize your projects showing your brand and your assets in their best light.

  • Fitting out

    “Time and space specialist”, this is the definition of our business … Fully dedicated to technical requirements and aesthetic ones, but also by cost and deadlines requirements, we guarantee the quality of the work carried out.

    Gam7 bases its success on the delivery of your space in the shortest time and without observations so that you can operate immediately.

  • As a team

    Moving forward, developing, innovating, maintaining… To grow Together, As a Team. Quality and Contentment are our top priorities. The best professionals on the market are at your disposal and supervised by a project manager who will be your dedicated contact person…

    We have been moving hand in hand with our customers for almost two decades and we do not want to stop there!

  • Our ethics guidelines

    The human being is very much in our minds as a focus in our concerns …

    From the craftworkers, the housekeepers to our customers, GAM7 has always been committed to positioning the human at the center of all its concerns …

    For our company, Human beings guarantee the quality. But we deal with a line of business which is thechampion of the posted work, concentrating by itself 37% of the foreign employees?
    GAM7 refuses to complete the podium and fights against these abuses.

  • We especially avoid “cascade” outsourcing, which makes it easier to hide those abuses. We make every day the choice of a French craft, respectful of both human rights and European directives.
    Our price range is only the result to a perfect knowledge of our businesses and a deep reflection of possible optimizations. By training and accompanying our craftsmen, supporting them on a daily life, by being faithful to them …

    A Isaac Getz “liberated company” promises? Rather a Humanist Governance Mode that the Leader of Gam7 has been setting up in almost 2 decades … Make the company more efficient with employees, subcontractors released from the hierarchy and control. All are responsible and warrantors of our daily success.